Michael Jackson Rehab Interventions vs Family Concert Tours

Et Tu, Brutus?

This is a timeline of the conflicting stories about „interventions” by the Jackson family, and also the attempts they made to recruit him into tours during the same period, intending to show the overlap between the two; if they accuse AEG of putting undue pressure on Jackson it would seem they were guilty of the same thing.

Story about a family member who may be selling stories on MJ’s reported drug addiction as an attempt to retaliate against him, Roger Friedman –  January 6th 2006

Michael Jackson had a perfect, five-star, expensive Christmas in Bahrain, thanks to his host, the prince.

Jackson flew in his three main surrogate families from different locations, put them up in hotels and got them expensive gifts. The families were: the Schleiters, from Germany; the Bhatti’s, from Norway; and the Cascio’s from New Jersey.

The report from the Jackson holiday was a good one, however…

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