Darren Hayes · Michael Jackson

Happy 40ies, Mr. Darren Hayes!

Cu ocazia zilei sale de nastere, Darren si-a scris siesi o scrisoare. Scrisoarea e adresata copilului/adolescentului Darren Stanley Hayes de la 15 ani. Problema e ca ma scoate din sarite omul asta. Exact asa ceva am si eu, pentru mine, pe calculator in scop cathartic. Socant. Scrisoarea e deosebita si emotionanta. Daca ii stii background-ul te poate emotiona pana la lacrimi. Eu am plans. O gasiti pe facebook-ul sau. Am sa pun un mic paragraf din sa vedeti de cine nu uita el…ca intotdeauna

Ok I’ve tried not to spoil too many secrets – but something pretty amazing is about to happen.  You’re about to go to a Michael Jackson concert.  November 25th 1987 am I right?  Well just to prove to you I know what I’m talking about – the show is supposed to be in a football stadium but soon due to a ridiculous rumour about him performing behind a bubble, ticket sales are going to be so bad that several concerts in Australia will be cancelled and yours will be moved to two nights at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.  Through a twist of fate, your cheap field ticket will be randomly exchanged for a seat 4 rows from the stage and you’ll witness a performance so spectacular it will inspire you to do what you do for a living in the future.  Hint: it’s not teaching.

…si exact asa s-a intamplat. A renuntat la cariera de profesor si s-a facut …superstar 😉

It’s beyond me why we don’t have such (his) songs on the radio or tv stations.


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