Michael Jackson

Marturiile unei bone filipineze

Ei, da! Tot Michael a dat tonul si la moda asta. *lol*

Cand aveti timp dati o raita pe blogul ei si cititi ce frumos vorbeste despre Michael. Stiu, nu e o noutate!


The Coolest Boss on the Planet (he kinda was)

People keep on telling me how lucky I am to have met and worked for Mr. Jackson.  I couldn’t agree more. I could have done something right in my life to be granted with this kind of opportunity. It was truly a blessing. Mr. Jackson was a blessing.

He gave me the chance to see the world…literally. I traveled with them across the globe and got to experience so many „firsts” in my life like traveled privately on a chartered jet plane, commercially on first & business class, lived in a castle, stayed in 5-star hotels and so much more ( I could go on and on and on).

I can still remember clearly this conversation with him when we’re at the airport.

Me : ” Mr. Jackson , if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to travel and see beautiful places. Thank you for showing me the world.”

Mr. Jackson: „My pleasure Ms. Aileen. Thank you for teaching my children. God bless you.”

But more than the material things, I am so grateful to the Jackson Family for the love, respect and trust. They never treated me as an outsider but a part of their private family. I stayed where they stayed and ate the same food they ate. I never felt as an outcast. It’s also worth mentioning that the children were so kind and polite. They never failed to say “please” and “thank you.” Kudos to Mr. Jackson! He did an amazing job raising his kids.

The world  knew Mr. Jackson as a brilliant performer… I knew him as a decent man, great father to P,P& B and the coolest boss on the planet.

sursa: http://www.travelswithmichaeljackson.com/blogs.html


Un gând despre „Marturiile unei bone filipineze

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