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LA County Prosecutors To Receive National Award

This goes out for Oana T! 😀

Next Tuesday, my friends and colleagues at the Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence (CLAAD, @claad_coalition) will recognize Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys David Walgren and Deborah Brazil for their excellence in the prosecution of Dr. Conrad Murray.  CLAAD is a national coalition dedicated to preventing prescription drug diversion, misuse, and abuse.

CLAAD will commend the LA County prosecutors for their national leadership in implementing the policy recommendations set forth in the National Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy (of which I am a primary author).  The National Strategy urges prosecutors to exercise moderation and to analyze facts in prescription drug cases from a medical perspective.  Some 30 non-profit organizations have endorsed this year’s National Strategy.

CLAAD will issue a news release on Tuesday, Jan. 17.  If you are interested in obtaining information about the award before then, please e-mail info[at]claad[dot]org.

Source: http://psbar.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/la-county-prosecutors-to-receive-national-award


3 gânduri despre „LA County Prosecutors To Receive National Award

  1. Daca credeam ca mai am vreo sansa cu el …. acum, ca va fi si officially awarded for his excellence … s-a terminat! Imi raman doar visele … pe alea nu are cum sa mi le ia nimeni! 😛


    Dar si Dan are ceva in articolul asta, dupa care imi amintesc ca facusem imparteala! 😛

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