Michael Jackson

Don’t imitate…Originate

Like Mike – Daniel Cloud Campos

Some things should never be found… some things should never be opened…. and some things should never be stolen. There will never be another… Like Mike. Be true to yourself and there will never be another like YOU…

This is a short film dedicated to the KING himself!! Michael Jackson we miss the magic that you continue to spread around the world with your music, the power of change that you have planted into our hearts with your message, the energy you projected into all of our souls through your moves and the tears of joy and inspiration you have given us through your voice. We are forever grateful for your gifts :)) We love you MJ!!!

Thank you everyone for watching my film! I really hope you enjoyed it! If you did please share it with your friends and families thanksgiving! All I want is for people to watch and enjoy what we made to put a smile on their face 🙂 That’s why I continue to put everything I am into this. Is to share, inspire and entertain! I ask for nothing else but for you to share it with everyone you know 🙂

Daniel Cloud Campos


P.S.  Mi se pare mie sau Campos ar putea fi dublura lui Depp la o scena de …dans, sa zicem? 😀


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