Michael Jackson

Murray’s show is in pre-production

Untitled Dr. Conrad Murray Documentary (2010)


Not yet released

(voting begins after release)

A documentary on the doctor who was placed under investigation in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death.

Stars: Conrad Murray


A documentary on the doctor who was placed under investigation in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death.

Synopsis: The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray coming to a courthouse near you. The players will include the body guards. The Chef and the children. Kenny Ortega & Travis Payne. AEG which hired the Dr. The Dr.’s financial status at the time of landing his dream job. His disappearance after the death an his refusal to sign the death certificate. Also the reasoning behind his omission on what drugs were administered to Michael Jackson.

This film will not discuss the conspiracies that are rampant out there. Who is Conrad Murray? Why was he selected as the Dr.? There are no spoiler alerts. And the cast will continue to increase as the trial progresses.

sursa: imdb


7 gânduri despre „Murray’s show is in pre-production

    1. Awww…Klein!!! O fi filmat si faza aia cu paharul? Ma intreb, ca si asa zicea el ca erau prieteni intimi si-si permiteau sa mictioneze asa…frontal view. :))) Klein e gay si era indragostit de Michael. E normal sa aibe fel de fel de fantasme despre si cu Michael. Restul…e dvd-rip, cred 😀

  1. Gresit moment de a scoate in air acest documentar … parerea mea! Daca mai lasau ceva timp sa se sedimenteze ura, poate avea sanse sa fie macar ascultat! Cum ziceai tu aseara ? MOTHERFUCKER !!! You’ve been toasted ! 😛

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