Michael Jackson

Meet the Jury :D

A look at jurors in case of Jackson’s doctor

By The Associated Press

Here are profiles of the seven men and five women serving on the jury in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

—Hispanic man, 51, from Whittier. A U.S. Postal Service supervisor who oversees 30 people and has some college education. Believes celebrities bend the rules and feel they can act as they please. Considers himself a fan of Jackson’s music. First-time juror. Has five children, five grandchildren.

—White woman, 57, born in Spain, lives in Alhambra. Account manager who supervises others and has some college. Watches „CSI” and followed the O.J. Simpson case on TV. Has been on five juries and was once a forewoman. All those juries reached verdicts. Believes celebrities feel they can act as they please. Not a fan of Jackson. Divorced, with two children, two grandchildren.

—White man, 45, management consultant from West Los Angeles with an MBA. Was a classical musician. Watches „Law and Order,” follows radio and TV news, visits a few Internet sites and has seen „This Is It” but is not a Jackson fan. Was on two previous juries that reached verdicts. Wife is a pediatric nurse. Two children.

—White man, 32, actor and part-time bookseller from Eagle Rock. Some college. Studied philosophy and theater. Watched the O.J. Simpson trial in school as an educational experience. Believes celebrities get away with crimes because of their status. Was a Jackson fan as a child and owns the „Bad,” ”Thriller” and „Dangerous” albums. Thinks Jackson was probably a good person. Was juror on a civil trial.

—White woman, 48, paralegal from Temple City. High school graduate. Watched the Casey Anthony case occasionally. Feels celebrities get off because the system can’t afford security for them in jail. Not a Jackson fan. First-time juror. Married with two grown children.

—Hispanic male, 39, from Tujunga. Bachelor’s degree in sociology. Works in product management. Listens to Howard Stern. Believes celebrities use status to get what they want. A Jackson fan who saw last few minutes of „This Is It” on TV. Served on one civil jury. Married with two children.

—Hispanic woman, 54, from San Gabriel Valley. High school graduate and office manager at husband’s moving van business. Said the Casey Anthony case showed a jury that saw evidence differently than the public majority. Was juror on two civil cases that ended with verdicts. Watches Fox News, listens to talk radio. Not a Jackson fan but loved his music as a young girl. Has four grown children.

—Hispanic man, 52, from Lynwood. School bus driver with some college. One prior jury experience. Believes celebrities get away with crimes because of their status. Not a Jackson fan but thinks he was a good artist. Spouse is mail carrier. Four children and one stepchild.

—Black man, 54, from North Hollywood. TV technical director with associate’s degree in TV production. Watches „Forensic Files” and „American Justice.” Served on three juries. Was a Jackson Five fan as a kid, now more of a Jay-Z fan. Says celebrities don’t excite him and he’s only interested in justice. Single. No children.

—White woman, 43. Born in England, lives in Monrovia. Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and medical laboratory sciences. Works in international medical marketing. Watches „NCIS.” Served on jury in England. Not a Jackson fan but bought the „Thriller” CD. Thinks celebrities sometimes bend the rules. Married with two young children.

—Hispanic woman, 36, from Whittier. Workers compensation service representative. Some college. Followed the Casey Anthony case because it involved a child. Wounded in a drive-by shooting in 1993. Once served on jury that reached a verdict. Single with two children, lives with boyfriend who has three kids.

—White male, 54, from Altadena. College professor who was a supervising animator creating characters for motion pictures at Disney and elsewhere. Had brief interactions with Jackson at Disney when the star was making „Captain EO” film. Thinks Jackson was gifted performer. No prior jury service. Followed the O.J. Simpson case, asks „Who didn’t?”

Sursa: AP

Acum, sincera sa fiu, si eu as fi fost retinuta in pornirile mele de fan, daca as fi fost chemata ca sa servesc ca jurat. Si eu as fi aruncat un: e posibil sa am ceva CD-uri cu Michael Jackson pe acasa, si cateva cutii cu postere, scrapbook-uri, timbre, abtibilduri, insigne, cutii de pepsi, biletele de la concertele la care am fost pe care le tin in tipla , cateva viniluri, si inca n-am facut rost de Victory si mi-l doresc tare, chiar daca nu mai am pick-upul…dar nu, nu sunt fan. Ascult ca tot omul, la radio. 😀

As fi fost foarte convingatoare :)) numai ca sa intru ca jurat!


5 gânduri despre „Meet the Jury :D

  1. Deci? Astazi seara la noi, incep astia deliberarile. Cat dureaza? Nu mai am somn noaptea si cand am numai procesul asta il visez…. Oricat de stupid ar parea, ma tot gandesc cu ce sa-mi ocup serile de azi incolo … Echi, te rog, nu-mi da idei, imaginatia mea e bogata 😛

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