Michael Jackson

David Gest

Michael was never fit to do 50 shows. He just wasn’t. He wouldn’t be able to sleep for worry. And yes, he picked a doctor who he could be in charge of – he doctor-shopped because he could.’

eu sunt Vasilica din Pangarati si cine da un ban pe ce gandesc/spun eu despre Michael, dar dementul asta a crescut cu Michael si i-a fost prieten…cumva am ajuns amandoi la aceeasi concluzie.
E ciudat cum rand pe rand teoriile mele se valideaza si asta face ca closure de care aveam nevoie sa fie din ce in ce mai aproape.
E timpul sa opresc plansul si vaicarerile si sa fac ceva pentru a-i cinsti amintirea lui Michael. Be Michael-like and stop whinning!

Un gând despre „David Gest

  1. [i]‘In 2001 I persuaded Michael to do a Jackson Family Reunion in Madison Square Garden. It was amazing. Everybody turned out for it, from Britney to Slash, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor. It was a huge, huge event paying tribute to Michael.

    Michael with his brothers in the Sixties
    ‘He had promised to be in the audience for the first part of the show, which began at 8pm, to watch other artists pay tribute to him, but 8pm came and went and no Michael. It turned 8.15, still no Michael. By 8.20 I was going crazy.

    ‘I sent an assistant to his hotel room and he was in bed. The assistant called me to say he was unconscious and I said just get him up, get him here. He got him up and Michael told him he’d taken Demerol, a painkiller.
    ‘I screamed at him to get to the stadium, whatever state he was in. He turned up looking totally off his head. But he performed note perfect, step perfect, word perfect – it was only as I was going through the footage that I could see his eyes were totally gone.
    ‘After the show, I exploded. We had one more show a few nights later. I told him that if he ever did that again I would dock him $8,000 for every minute he wasn’t there.

    ‘For the next show he was there well before time.
    ‘I was aware there were problems, I knew he had trouble sleeping. I went to meet him some time after and he told me he’d taken sleeping pills; he was groggy and he didn’t sound like Michael.’[/i]

    Mi s-a confirmat banuiala ce am avut-o intotdeauna pentru acest prim show MSG!

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