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Incepe ultimul proces

“The Death of Michael Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray on Trial” Includes Pre and Post Trial Analysis, Live Courtroom Action, Two-Part Documentary

HLN is America’s television destination for coverage of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the man accused of causing the death of Michael Jackson. Beginning today, HLN’s deep bench of talent provides a complete view of events in and around the Los Angeles Superior Court, as well as a comprehensive exploration into the lives of the Jackson family and Murray. Network hosts and reporters including Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, AJ Hammer, Ryan Smith and Vinnie Politan deliver up to the minute reports on the latest trial action, and hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky, Joy Behar and Robin Meade feature special programming daily on their respective shows.

“HLN’s team is fully committed to presenting all aspects of the trial. Our programming will shed light on an incredibly complex man, his family and what led to his untimely death,” said Scot Safon, GM and EVP, HLN. “HLN will feature a variety of voices and an array of expertise that will thoughtfully analyze the motivations of the people involved in this story.”

As opening arguments begin on Tue, Sep 27, HLN will air gavel-to-gavel coverage each day beginning at 11 a.m. ET, providing pre and post trial analysis from inside and outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse.

Each hour of HLN’s signature programs throughout the day will provide a distinct look at this gripping drama as it unfolds: (all times eastern)

Morning Express with Robin Meade 6 a.m. – 11am

One of the top-rated morning shows in the country, Morning Express with Robin Meade gives viewers their daily courtroom developments while also exploring the human connection.

Special Report at 11 a.m.

Host Vinnie Politan, a lawyer and former prosecutor, will take viewers through the daily events in the courtroom and get to the two characters at the center of this story: Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.

News Now at 3 p.m.

Live from Los Angeles, Hosts Ryan Smith and Jane Velez-Mitchell bring viewers up the minute developments in the courtroom as they happen while analyzing what the viewers have seen. Smith, a former entertainment attorney and host of InSession, gets to the heart of the story with his curiosity and connects the dots to find the truth behind what people are saying.

Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell at 7 p.m.

Utilizing Velez-Mitchell’s years of experience covering Jackson during his previous legal battles, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell pursues the truth by following the details of the trial and the characters at the center of the headlines.

Nancy Grace at 8 p.m.

Grace, the most prominent legal expert in media, uses her expertise to seek justice and serves up daily legal developments, delivering up-to-the-minute details of the trial’s twists and turns.

Dr Drew at 9 p.m.

As a doctor and addiction specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky takes center stage and tackles the celebrity culture, demystifying why players at the heart of this story do what they do. Pinsky explores the behaviors of celebrity addicts as well as the doctors who treat them and how Jackson’s story ended in tragedy.

The Joy Behar Show at 10 p.m.

Behar explores Michael’s life and the Jackson family dynamic, adding color and context to the discussion from her celebrity guests and panelists. Behar gets the answers to the questions her viewers are asking and connects them to the story.

Showbiz Tonight at 11 p.m.

Showcasing Hammer’s years of reporting on Hollywood and the music industry, Showbiz Tonight highlights why Jackson’s music still matters, his legacy and how this trial impacts millions of fans globally.

In addition, HLN chronicles the mysterious life and death of Jackson in a two-part documentary, The Death of Michael Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray on Trial airing on Sat, Sep 24, at 9 p.m. (ET). Hosted by Grace, the documentary features expert commentary by HLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joy Behar, Vinnie Politan, Robin Meade, AJ Hammer and Ryan Smith who dissect the question: “how did it come to this?” Part one, airing Sep 24, examines the mysterious live and death of Michael Jackson and ultimately how it led to Conrad Murray being on trial. Part two, will feature details from inside the trial and the dramatic developments that led to the verdict with expert analysis from HLN’s team and reaction from around the world.




4 gânduri despre „Incepe ultimul proces

  1. Deci, o sa avem spectacol live la TV. O sa fie un nou caz OJ sau Anthony. O sa-l avem pe Michael FIX pe masa de autopsie (la figurat, dar ma tem ca vor fi si poze la propriu) intins si discutat de toti prostii si neavenitii.
    Acu’ ma duc sa caut adresa de e-mail a lui Nancy Grace, nu de alta, dar SIGUR trebuie s-o am la indemana. O cunoasteti doar pe japita aia, nu? Mare minune daca n-o sa apara si Madame Diane Diamond in corul de cunoscatori ca, vb aia, tre’ sa mananca si gura ei o paine …
    Jesus!! O sa fie iadul!!

  2. Acuma nah … era de asteptat ca se va intampla si asta, adica spectacol live SI de la proces. Intr-un curs firesc al transmisiunilor live al evenimentelor, da, era de asteptat ca si procesul il vor transmite in eter. Trebuie sa admit ca intr-un fel malitios ma bucura ca fac asta pt ca vom fi si noi up-to-date cu ce se intampla acolo, ca o sa doara tare de cele mai multe ori, asta e … Eu sunt mai masochista de fel si chiar mi-as fi dorit si fiu acolo, in sala, sa aud si sa le vad fetele, in fiecare zi …

  3. Nah, de uitat o sa ma uit si eu, ca si eu sunt putin masochista, dar nu pot sa neg ca o sa am un gol in stomac…simt de parca asta ar fi ultima legatura cu Michael – omul. Parca suntem pe ultima suta de metri, indiferent cum s-ar incheia procesul, la final va fi doar „case closed” 😦

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