Michael Jackson

Murray nu face fata presiunii…pe bune?

Michael Jackson fans kicked out of court for staring at  Dr. Conrad Murray
Posted: 08:40 PM ET

September 21, 2011
In Session’s Jean Casarez was in court at the time and witnessed the incident. Casarez says that during a status hearing Wednesday afternoon some Michael Jackson fans stared so intensely at Dr. Murray it prompted the court deputy to remove all the spectators from court. The only people left in the gallery were members of the media.

Despite this distraction Judge Michael Pastor managed to get some work done. Jury selection was briefly touched upon in open court. Prosecutor David Walgren told Judge Pastor that there are a fair number of jurors that both the state and defense agree upon. Judge Pastor took the attorneys back to his chambers to discuss jury selection in greater detail, outside the presence of the media.

Before leaving for his chambers, Judge Pastor deferred his ruling on the admissibility of a study from Chile that shows oral ingestion may not kill. Judge Pastor also deferred his decision of the admissibility of „This Is It” press conference video. There will be another hearing to discuss issues with jury selection tomorrow at 4 PM ET.



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