Michael Jackson

Siedah Garrett : Memories of MJ

Michael once showed up to rehearsal wearing a pair of mismatched sox. When I asked him about it, he explained that he got dressed in a rush. The next day at rehearsal, he made a point to show me his sox. Excitedly pointing to his feet, he said, „Look, Sid.” I looked down responding, „Yeah, Michael, they match each other, but they don’t match with nothin’ else you’ve got on!

Da, Siedah! Garderoba casual a lui Michael = moartea retinei :)) Nu-i asa ca ne e dor de sacoul lui turcoise caraghios? Sau de costumul (de firma :)) ) cu lei mici si multi imprimati, purtat in Japonia?

Amintirea asta a lui Siedah transpune esenta omului Michael Jackson. Cu cateva cuvinte simple a reusit sa-l readuca in mijlocul nostru.

One night while on stage performing our duet „I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, I accidentally sang Michael’s part. Then when it came time for him to sing, he gave me a look like „WTF?”

Oh, Siedah, dar avem the Britney incident: aproape aceeasi greseala si cu siguranta, aceeasi WTF privire :)) Rezultatul? Pentru 30th Celebration a mai filmat o versiune FARA Britney :))

After Michael approved the song demo of „Man In The Mirror”, Quincy asked me to come to the studio to record a new guide vocal in a lower key. Michael came in and personally videotaped the entire session. Totally surreal! But, can you imagine what other rare footage is stored in his vaults?

When I asked him why, [he videotapes] he remarked, „because I love your energy and the way you sing it, and I want to sing it just like you.” I said, „Yeah, right, Mike, my friends are actually gonna believe me when I tell them that Michael Jackson said HE wants to sing like ME.”

… ce sa mai comentezi?

We were in Romania on the „Dangerous World Tour.” At one point in the show, all of the music would stop, and everyone on stage would freeze. One night I froze bent at the hip with my bottom in the air. Next thing I knew, MJ stood behind me and gave me one good spank on the bottom. I popped up like a jack-in-the-box! He knew I wasn’t expecting that. The look of shock on my face was priceless as he giggled and danced away. The next time I saw him, he asked me how I felt about it. My response? „Why didn’t you use BOTH hands?!” LOL!


I was always moved by the fact that Michael, in spite of all of his fame and success, continued to maintain a humble spirit and demeanor. Whenever we were in the studio together, he always made me feel that he could learn as much from me as I could learn from him.

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5 gânduri despre „Siedah Garrett : Memories of MJ

  1. garderoba lui – moartea retinei?? :))))))))))))))))))))))))) si privirea WTF ………
    Am ras cu pofta dar in acelasi timp ca chinuiam sa-mi inghit si lacrimile…
    Offfffffffff,Echi…….. asta e cel mai fain post ,un post-cadou,ca tot maine e THE BIG DAY… sau ar fi trebuit sa fie..Mi-ar placea sa cred ca ce-ai scris tu aici ajunge la Michael intr-o cutiuta cu funda rosie …
    Asta e Michael-ul dupa care murim noi de dor si dupa care suferim ca ne-a lasat aici…fara el…

    1. Mi-ar place sa stiu ca toate framantarile mele si gandurile mele de bine catre el ar ajunge cumva la el. Mi-l imaginez azi bombardat de ganduri de bine…si el stand pe un nor si chicotind de bucurie. Asa-l vad. Cu palaria pe cap, cu camasa rosie si pantalonii cu vedere la gleznele imbracate cu sosete albe, asezat pe un nor alb, balansandu-se si bucurandu-se de toata iubirea pe care o primeste de la noi. Se uita in jos catre noi si chicoteste…il auzi? 🙂

  2. Eu il aud si mai aud si un I LOVE YOU din toata inima , asa cum numai el ne spunea noua……….pentru ca astazi toate gandurile noastre bune au voie sa ajunga la el
    Te iubim Michael!

  3. Faza similara WTF… e in concertul din Brunei.
    Tipa ii canta vesrurile lui….
    Sa il priviti atent pe el. Faza e la minutul 1.20

    De cealalta faza cu Brad nu mai e nevoie sa amintim… cand uita sa opreasca instrumentalul sa incheie piesa… Iar Michael ii canta „Brad what you gonna do? What are you gonna do?” 😀

    Priceless. Iubesc la nebunie momentele astea… 😛

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