Michael Jackson

I am alive and I’m here forever

Am de facut o marturisire. Am inceput sa cred ca Michael traieste. Altfel cum sa explic sentimentul minunat pe care il traiesc citind ceea ce urmeaza sa postez mai jos. Sunt multi, EXTREM DE MULTI, oameni care gandesc la fel ca Lala Romero. Extrem de multi oameni care au in seiful sufletului lor povesti cu Michael. Sunt oameni care considera amintirea lor cu Michael sacra si prefera s-o tina pentru ei. Imaginati-va cate povesti ca cea de mai jos sunt in lume, inca nespuse…

Am momente in care imi zic ca trebuie sa las totul balta si …fiecare sa-si vada de „Michael al lor”, atat cat le trebuie, atat cat le pasa.

Ma intristeaza sa vad ca fanii romani nu-s preocupati de ceea ce se spune la proces, de marturiile celor ce pot face lumina asupra a ceea ce s-a intamplat in 25.06.2009. Nu vad fani ROMANI (cu cateva mici exceptii) activi pe forumurile straine sau pe pagini de facebook. Fani care ar trebui (au obligatia )sa-si exprime punctul de vedere si sa fie activi in ceea ce priveste procesul. De ce oare suntem doar CONSUMATORI de produs Michael Jackson? De ce dam uitarii asa de usor vorbele astea:

There’s nothing that can’t be done
If we raise our voice as one


Cine sunt eu sa bag oamenilor informatii cu de-a sila pe gat? Oamenii vor produsul Michael, vor ceva palpabil (albume, CD-uri, reviste, cartonase, betigase, fundite, rochite, bluzite cu Michael) si nu …vorbe in vant. Apoi, vin momente precum acesta, gasesc o poveste minunata si …simt ca explodez daca nu o impart si cu alti fani Michael Jackson. Nu am certitudinea ca foarte multe lume are nevoie de asa ceva, dar eu cred ca prin aceste povesti reusim sa-l tinem aici, langa noi, in nemurire si departe de uitare.


I don’t tell this story too often, in fact growing up I kinda learned to just keep it to myself.
Whenever people would find out I knew him, a gang of silly, dumb questions would follow, and I would always end up having to defend someone I loved so much.

When I was 5, my cousin Brian and I where OBSESSED with Michael Jackson. We had dolls, sleeping bags, lunch boxes, and OF COURSE the gloves. I was pretty convinced I was going to be him when I grew up, and nobody could tell me otherwise! Brian was older than me, and found out at school MJ actually lived in the Valley, we lived in. Anyone from LA pretty much knew the house. So we wrote him letters and enclosed a bunch of pics, you remember the ones from school you’d write on the bk, yeah well, lucky Michael got about 25 of me!! Basically we told him we LOVED him & I told him I was a singer and dancer!!! We also asked him to come to our house & visit!! Our loca tia Carol (RIP) took us to his house and we rang the guard gate. His guard came out to us & took our letters. WE WERE SOOOOOOO HAPPY, we KNEW he would get them!! I honestly can say we were just happy enough to see his gate & meet his guard, NEVER did we really expect what happened next.

About 4 days later, at 10:30 pm, my mom got the call from Carol, Michael Jackson was HERE, in our APT building, on her couch. I was 5 & anybody who knows a 5 year old also knows that it’s damn near impossible to wake em up!! The pic you see of us is him holding me, cause I wouldn’t wake up, he insisted my parents take da pic so I would truly know he came!! A few days later I was going into the hospital for surgery & he called me. I couldn’t BELIEVE I was talking to Michael Jackson & that he actually had my number!! Over the next few years he would invite Brian & I to his house, to watch him shot his videos & to his shows.

It’s weird, when I was lil, I didn’t really grasp FAME, especially his FAME. All I knew was he was my friend & I think that’s why he liked me. My friendship with him changed my life. It was a HUGE influence, it made me believe having a singer career was in arms reach. My neighborhood didn’t support BIG DREAMS but his friendship gave me confidence & assurance that ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is possible, if you work hard & aren’t scared to try. His generousity & kindness inspires me daily. Here was the biggest super star in the world taking time out to come to a broken down apt building in Van Nuys CA to see his fans. He was ALWAYS about his fans & his community, and I really always knew that if I got my chance I would strive to be just like that!!

Even as a tiny lil girl I could see his sadness & his loneliness. It was a part of him, I think his childhood, fame & money alienated him from most of the world. That’s why he loved US cause we didn’t care about the BS!! We just had fun!! He was so goofy & silly, we would jump on his trampoline and raid his candy shop.

Michael was like Edward Scissorhands & Willy Wonka to me, SOOOOO AMAZING in the HEART but so misunderstood by most! I love him always for touching my life & showing me a different world then the one I grew up in.

I hope those babies of his really grow up understanding that they did have the best daddy in the world. His heart & spirit are what made him the GREATEST and so RARE.
One day I’ll post more pics, and tell ya specific stories!! All the good things ya heard about him were ALL TRUE!! I promise!!


Sursa: http://www.lalaromero.com/post.cfm/once-upon-a-time



Ce poate fi mai frumos? Mana sus aceia care au visat la asa ceva in copilarie!!! :))))


2 gânduri despre „I am alive and I’m here forever

  1. Ce frumos! Am sorbit,am trait povestirea si l-am simtit pe Michael……Ma bucur pentru ea si pentru toti copiii care au AMINTIRI cu el,care au avut sansa sa fie in preajma lui si ii admir pe cei care-l‘impart’ pe Michael cu noi.
    Hmmm……..I could see his sadness & his loneliness….asta m-a durut cel mai mult , mai ales ca e constatarea unui copil !

    Multumesc,Echi ! Si da,eu una te rog ‘sa-mi bagi pe gat’ cat mai multe din astea,eu AM NEVOIE , ma hranesc si ma incarc cu ele. Unii ramanem consumatori, altii reusesc sa faca mai mult insa toti suntem iubitori de Michael,il tinem strans aici cu noi,nu ne dezlipim de el……

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