Michael Jackson

Tributul Michael Forever

Cineva isi bate joc de memoria lui Michael.

Administratorul paginii de facebook  Michael Forever Tribute  STERGE din postarile fanilor. Cei care pun intrebari despre lipsa de organizare sau intrebari deranjante sunt blocati de pe pagina. Mai mult, administratorul minte ca sterge postarile uitand ca exista print screen. E o dementa totala acolo.

O postare vehementa mi-a atras atentia. Sunt de acord 100% cu acesta postare.

Ada Brand
They pushed him to death to do 50 shows, did anyone who claims to care Now care back then to shove more than he agreed…why didn’t they make tribute/charity shows after the not guilty trial to regain his Status?! What about those shit talkers going on interviews and now they act all nice. What about his family who were more concerned getting a piece and promoting themselves…

He Needed to be celebrated when he Needed it most to gain courage, support and Love. Not NOW! Not when they literally tore him apart. So puhhlease They kicked him down and Now they praise him to fill their pockets with Millions. His name is a Trademark and what they’re doing to his Music is Trash!!! Half assed job just to get the cash!

I simply Do NOT Care or Support Anyone who is making money by showing a face of Michael Jackson and putting a title of ‘charity’ to gain sympathy in what he wanted. he’s turning in his grave the way they’re handling his entire estate and copy& pasting his Music to make an Album is a disgrace to his Work.

Ca sa parafrazez „If Michael Jackson was living he wouldn’t let this be”.



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